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Top single drivers start in Norway

Following the success of the first edition in 2010, the second edition of the Arctic Equestrian Games International Single Driving Challenge in Norway will take place from 23 to 25 February 2012. A selection of the world’s best international single drivers will compete against each other in three exciting competitions.

The provisional competitors list includes 2010 silver medallist Bartolomiej Kwiatek from Poland, home driver Oivind Mikkelsen, Glenn Hesslo from Sweden, Ben Simonsén from Finland, Anders Hansen from Denmark, and top marathon drivers Jacqueline de Groot and Frans Hellegers from The Netherlands.

Provisional programme:
Thursday 23 February 19.00 hrs.: warm up
Friday 24 February 18.00 hrs.: Final
Saturday 25 February 20.30 hrs.: Gala Final

The Arctic Equestrian Games take place in the Oslofjord Convention Center in Vestfold, about 1,5 hour drive from Oslo.

The organisation is in the hands of the Hungarian single driver and promotor of the single driving sport Jambor Vilmos. Swiss World Championship course designer Christian Iseli will design the indoor course.

More information: www.hestefrelst.no

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